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24 August 2007 @ 04:01 pm
Hello guys! what's up?
First: Happy Birthday Rupert!!!!!!! (19) [OH! my god! i love that guy <3<3<3<3.] I wish the best for you!
Wow! i've not post here about 15 days ago! i couldnt! cos I've been studing (sucks, sucks, sucks). OH! I have good news, Zac Efron (high school musical) is going to Madrid and i'm going to see him! well, i'm not totally sure but it's very possible! my aunt is going to give us a lift (my cousin and I) I'm very happy! :]... When I make sure I will tell you!

And now here you are some hp icons, I hope you like them. If you wanna take them, only tell me and credit, please.
Comments are lovely.
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Preview (3/16)

  fredandgeorge.jpg image by lollipops-s HRMR.jpg image by lollipops-s harry_.jpg image by lollipops-s

001 002 003
fredandgeorge.jpg image by lollipops-sWeasley-twins.jpg image by lollipops-sgryffindor.jpg image by lollipops-s
004 005 006
IconH.jpg image by lollipops-siconH1.jpg image by lollipops-shermi_.jpg image by lollipops-s
007 008 009
hermi.jpg image by lollipops-sHRMR.jpg image by lollipops-srhr.jpg image by lollipops-s
rhr.jpg image by lollipops-s
rhr6.jpg image by lollipops-s
HarryQ.jpg image by lollipops-s
013 014 015
freeharry.jpg image by lollipops-sharry-yeah.jpg image by lollipops-sHarryf.jpg image by lollipops-s
016017 018
harry_.jpg image by lollipops-sNo IconNo Icon

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
Cristy: pic#65395462yuna_x on August 24th, 2007 06:10 pm (UTC)
Madre mia!! ke pedazo de iconos!! son preciosos!! sobre todo me gusta los iconos ultimos de Harry... me encanta la textura ke le has puesto... sigue asi!